Five Star Power Glue is successful and active in the development and sales of adhesive products for repair, maintenance and installation. Our products are used in the following sectors: construction, cars, boat and caravan, bike specialists, motorcycle and scooter dealers, catering, hotels, jewellers, opticians, dentists, etc.
We offer a high quality industrial adhesive with over 30 years experience. Five Star Power Glue also has a medical certificate witch states that our adhesives may be applied in the medical field.

Five Star Power Glue gives a one year warranty on their adhesive products and you will always receive a guarantee card during your purchase.

It can be difficult to determine which glue you need. Five Star Power Glue has specialists to give you the right advice. Think for example of viscosity, heat resistance and flexibility, as well as the curing time can be of great importance! 
Whatever you are installing or repairing Five Star Power Glue is your partner! To ensure that you have the right adhesive for the right application we provide you with professional advice. Our specialists are ready for you!

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